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Topline Bookmark is an online bookmark, which can be accessed as web page, iGoogle Gadget or in your own web page integrated iFrame.
Do you switch between different browsers? Do you use different operating systems? Have you more computers at home or in the company? Then it will be difficult for you to synchronize your Internet-bookmarks.
There for the online bookmark is just right for you. The bookmarks are stored in the online database. So you can get your unabridged bookmarks, wherever and whenever you are, as long as you are online.


  • Bookmark as iGoogle Gadget

  • Bookmark as web page

  • Bookmark can be easily integrated into your own web page

  • Context Menu for IE, Firefox and Chrome, to add the page

  • Multi-Language is possible


  • Sample of the Topline Bookmark

  • Context Menu for IE and Firefox


  • Context Menu for Opera

  • Import the Bookmarks from IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera

  • Can you be so kind to help me to improve the English web-page or to translate it into another language?

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